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3 Ways to Boost Your Energy each day!

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2016


Video Summary:

Have you ever:

  • Feel like you zombie-walk through the day, with life blurred between your cups of coffee, energy drinks, or sugar?
  • Low energy at the end of the day that prevents you from spending time with family and friends, or the hobbies and projects you want to work on? Do you veg out to TV?
  • Have a tough time influencing people because you are dry, quiet, or do not have the energy to get others excited?
  • Spend your awake time dreaming of sleep?

In 2014 my mother passed away after a long struggle with heart disease.  My family was devastated, and I was struggling in every area of my life.  I wasn’t taking care of myself, I was constantly stressed out, and questioning everything I was doing with my life.  I spent months flying back and forth to Chicago to help my Dad and be there for my Mom before she passed, and I was exhausted.  And it did not seem like I would recover.  Have you ever had an event that threw your life...

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How to avoid miscommunication with this one NEW technique.

Uncategorized May 22, 2016


Ever get worked up over an email from a coworker or someone close to you, only to find out later it was a mis-communication?

Well, today’s video will give you an idea on how to protect yourself from communication, and a frame work to help communicate better!


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How One Communication Ninja Trick Can Change Your Personal Relationships.

Uncategorized May 15, 2016

Why is Body Language Important?

  • It's 80% of communication to other human beings.
  • Can mean the difference between a successful group, or a dysfunctional group if you are the leader or facillitator. 
  • May prevent fights with your significant other if you read them well.
  • May help you build rapport with business associates or closeness with your close family and friends.


What is Body Language?

I see body language as three different parts:

  1. Posture:  How people present themselves to you or a group of people, with their body.
  2. "Tone":  How people talk, and the facial expressions they make when communicating.
  3. Behavior:  Combination of Posture and "Tone" in a conversation or speach that reveals someone's inner state or thinking.


How this one ninja-trick with body language can help your personal relationships:

Mirroring.  Mirroring allows us to build trust with people by subtling mimmicing their posture and "tone".  When done correctly, we can...

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Four Ideas on How to Handle Huge Life Changes.

Uncategorized May 08, 2016

Have you ever struggled with making a big life choice, follow a dream, or lead with your heart?  Or have you struggled with change in your life?

In 2012 I was feeling restless.  Comfortable, but restless.  I had a decent job, though did not feel very inspired by it.  I lived in a beautiful part of the country, though the town was small and I felt out of place. 

Things were good, and not amazing.

I had been studying personal development, and attended a seminar.  During that seminar I was asked the question, “Are you living your truth?”.  I nearly fell out of my chair, because I didn't like my answer to that question.  I had always wanted to start a business that helped people, and instead I was playing it safe in a corporate job where I did not immediately see the impact of my work.

I immediately decided to pursue a business helping people with their student debt.  So, in the parking lot of the hotel where the seminar...

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How to Get More Energy by Avoiding These 4 Horseman

Uncategorized May 01, 2016

I'm Shawn Buttner, CHPC, and I help professionals learn about personal development so they can experience higher levels of joy, growth and impact in their lives.

Have you ever had any of these challenges...

  • Your energy is directly tied to the level of caffeinated drinks you have had in the last 30 minutes?
  • Your level of energy never is enough to get everything you want or need to get done?
  • You are constantly exhausted, grumpy, and stressed to the point where you can't fall asleep?
  • You fall asleep at the wrong times?  At work, getting a haircut, during the commute home, or during a movie?

That was me years ago.  

In 2007, I had just graduated from my masters program with about $80k in student debt.  My student loan payments had me $200 in the red each month, I was broke, and stressed.

Insomnia was a normal part of life, made worse by a tech job where I was on call enough to throw off my sleep schedule.  I was constantly exhausted, which contributed even more to...

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7 Ideas to Live a Happier, Great Life

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered what living a great life means to you?  In this week's video, I'll share with you Seven ideas that have served me well in living a good, charged life!

At some point in your life, I am sure you experienced a time where you were too busy, or felt too overwhelmed to be focused on "living the good life".  It's important to think about and review how we want to live our life as our best selves so that we do not end up wondering how we forgot!

Here are my 7 Ideas to Live a Happier, Great Life.

  1. Dont take life too seriously;  There is usually something we can laugh at when things get tough, and laughing can help things seem less dire.
  2. Help Others;  The idea to give more than you get, to add value, or to leave yoru mark on the world seems universal.  So what do you do that helps others, or is leaving a dent in the world for the bettter?
  3. Live with Integrety;  Do what you say, and only say things that you can do.  By living...
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How to Better Manage Your Most Valuable Resource!

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2016


Many people neglect their #1 resource, even if it is constantly being drained, distracted, or manipulated by others.  What your number one resource?

It's your attention.

Why is your attention important?  Well, attention or awareness impacts your behaviors.  If you are aware of what you are doing, you can change.  If you are unaware, others can unconsciously influence you.

For example, say if you want to lose some weight.  To effectively lose weight, you need to pay attention each day to what you weigh, what you eat, and how you exercise.  Most people fail to get into better shape because they lose awareness of one of these three areas of focus.

So how do we lose attention?

We lose attention for these four reasons:

  • We do not have enough energy
  • We do not focus on the right things
  • We lose ourselves in distraction
  • We lose our momentum

If you are not progressing as far in your life as you want, I'll bet one of these attention robbers got you!

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Celebrating Mom

family Apr 10, 2016

April 10th is my Mom's birthday.

Two years ago, we lost Mom to heart disease and it has been a long, hard journey.  Today I wanted to share a little on who she was, and ask everyone two things to help her celebrate her birthday today.

If you connected with this post, please share it to get the message out to make Mom's birthday and memory awesome.




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Uncategorized Apr 04, 2016

Gratitude from Shawn Buttner on Vimeo.

Hey Everyone,

This week I'm at Santa Clara getting ready for recertification week for High Performance Coaching.  Always a student, I'm trying to keep on top of all the best high performance reseearch to better help you find more joy, growth, and impact.

In this week's video, I want to share a little about what I am greatful for, and a quick exercise to help you feel happier during the week!  

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


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