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Thinking Big Picture Creates Big Achievement

Jun 20, 2021
Have you ever been working away on something, and there was no joy in it. It was repetitive and uninspiring, with everyone else feeling the same thing. Each day on the job seemed like busywork, and each night at home seemed the same as every other evening.
When we feel disconnected from our work or life, everything seems to feel like a burden. We might not feel like we control our destiny, or that change is worth trying because what's the point?
In moments in life like these, it's easy to lose focus on our ambitions and dreams for the future. So many times, when we are miserable, we cannot imagine a future where we are more prosperous, happier, healthier, or purpose-driven.
Furthermore, when we look at the folks who've achieved great things, we see they've had huge visions of the future for themselves, their organizations, and others. Because of that vision, they take bolder action towards their ambitions - ultimately achieving what they set out to do. They were able to summon the motivation and discipline to overcome obstacles and "make a dent in the world."
So our success depends on our big visions for ourselves, which requires space for us to reflect on what we want to get after. Here are four questions to ask yourself each week:
  • Am I living my truth? Am I connected to what I am doing in my life that makes me feel energized, effective, and excited to live?
  • In an ideal world, my perfect workday would look like or be....
  • In an ideal world, my perfect home and social life would look like or be...
  • In an ideal world, my health and daily emotions would look like or be...
Thinking Big Picture Creates Big Achievement. When we connect with more significant purposes and visions for ourselves, we tend to be happier with our efforts.
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