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Courage and how to express yourself more!



Hey, everyone. This is Shawn Buttner, Certified High Performance Coach, and today's video is going to continue talking about courage. And the theme for this month is, in a world of uncertainty, we need to step up and provide strength of character to help make the world better, right? Now I'm Shawn Buttner, Certified High Performance Coach, I help people become more awesomer so that they can live lives with more joy, growth, and happiness, and impact, and right now I just wanted to draw some things that are bugging me, right?

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed with all the negativity in the news and the world abroad? You feel like you're just trying to make it through the day without trying to make any waves, or trying to feel like you're unable to say the things that you need to say to the people you need to say them to, such as your spouse, co-worker, boss? 

Do you ever just wonder how you can feel certain about the world again when everything seems...

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