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What's Your Next Small Bold Step?

boldness courage Mar 14, 2021
Have you ever been talking with a close friend or family member about how felt like you were meant for something bigger in your life?  You know you were meant for something, just not what your doing now and it's frustrating?  You feel stuck in some holding pattern without a clear way forward?
What if you felt better about how your life was going?  Like you were working towards something more meaningful, more what you imagined for yourself?
All it takes is small efforts to get out of discouragement and into excitement for your life.  You can research starting that business.  You can look at or search for other jobs to see what's out there.  You can look at places in the new town to start dreaming again.  Because curiosity is free, and it provides possibilities in your life.
The four step process for feeling more progress:
  1. Next Small Bold Step
  2. Next Small Deadline
  3. Next Small Calibration
  4. Next Small Celebration
So if you or someone you love is feeling discouraged and stuck, the trick is to find your next small bold step so that you can start to feel progress again.

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