Certified High Performance Coach.

Work with the best coaching program ever created  - A science-based process, with proven results in getting you to your next level.  

Individual Coaching Program

Sometimes you need a different perspective to advance even quicker.

Deep dive into what really matters for YOU and how to take your life to the next level! 

Individual Program includes:

  1. 12 weekly, 60 minute, one-on-one High Performance Coaching sessions via phone or zoom. 
  2. Start Anytime!
  3. Personalized post session email notes.
  4. Access to worksheets and tools to help you reflect and deepen your insights.
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What is Certified High Performance Coaching? Meet Shawn.


Hi!  I'm Shawn Buttner, and I'm a Certified High Performance Coach.  Maybe you need help dealing with doubt in your life, help working on things you have been putting off, or help getting past feeling alone on the journey to your success.

To get there, I used an advanced science-based coaching process to help you get focused outcomes.

"The best part of Shawn's life coaching was the incredible, candid, insight into how I was preventing my own success. He provided me with tools tailored to my needs specific to each roadblock. After the first session I was already seeing results in my life!"

Devin B.
Managing Partner / CTO at Screenpush

"In the past couple of months of coaching, I have changed my approach to my job so that I am more focused and not completely worn out all the time and I have finally become licensed after having it on my new years resolution list for the past 4 years. I have developed healthier habits and strategies that I will continue to use and felt a new sense of validation about the work I am doing. It was a really fun and worthwhile experience that has already begun to improve my career. Thank you Shawn!"

Emily S.
School Psychologist, LEP, NCSP

"Having accomplished several career goals, I was at a point in my life where I needed help getting to the "next level". Coach Shawn helped me break the invisible chains that were holding me back by providing me with the tools needed to take off and perform at a higher level."

Majid K.
Program Director, Abilaire Solutions

What Can High Performance Coaching Help You Achieve?

Transform your Business.

What are you doing to 10x your business in the next year?  More importantly, what are you doing to not burn out while you build the business?

Coaching can help clarify your goals, improve your mental and physical stamina, and increase the chance you will meet next year's goal.

Transform Relationships.

Ever struggle with convincing others to follow your ideas?

CHPC will give you tools and strategies to authentically persuade and build the relationships you deserve.

Transform your Life.

Are you in the middle of a big life change?  Maybe a new job, new relationship, or new location? 

Get the support you need to successfully navigate the change in your life and reach your next level of awesome.

World Class Tools And Strategies.

As one of 300 Certified High Performance Coaches world-wide, I share the same proven tools and techniques used by Fortune 50 CEOs, Olympic Athletes, celebrities, and others at the top of their game.

One-on-One Coaching

Each call is fun, challenging, and geared for you to find your own emotinal truths.  Coaching is one of the most beneficial ways to reach the next level in your business, relationships, or life.

FREE 1-on-1 Strategy Session

Ever wonder what could turbo-charge your performance? The one-hour one-on-one FREE strategy session covers the five pillars of High Performance, and provides tools to help you gain even more momentum in your relationships, work, or during your transition.

[FREE] Master Influencer Checklist

Ever worry about what to say in a meeting, on video chat, or on phone calls?  Ever need to convince someone to follow your idea on Slack or email?  

This new FREE tool will help you maximize your communication so that people listen to your ideas and get onboard working on it.

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