Hi, I'm Shawn Buttner

Certified High Performance Coach And Host Of 'The Meaningful Revolution Podcast'


As A High Performance Coach:

If you've ever been 14 years into a career, and wondered "What am I doing?" or "Is this what I really wanted?" -  then my story will be familiar.


What do you do when you realize everything you've worked for wasn't what you wanted for your life, or the life of your family?

I love technology, computers, and how technology can help us live our lives better. I loved tech so much that I turned that passion into a career spanning 15 years, and at huge companies like Apple and Walmart.

But throughout my software engineering career, I started to notice something.

I loved helping people do their best work. I stumbled into getting my coaching certification because I thought I wanted to lead an engineering team, and wanted the skills to better guide a team.

What I found is that I LOVED coaching people into higher levels of performance, character, and wellbeing more than engineering.

So I left my dream job at Apple to professionally coach business owners and creators full time. And Its. Been. Amazing!

If you've been struggling with burnout in you job, or you want to transition into something you are more passionate about, let's get on a call so I can show you how Certified High Performance Coaching can help you live your truest, best life! 

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As A Podcast Host:

My mission is to guide people to find and develop their meaningful pursuits. 

As the host of The Meaningful Revolution Podcast, I love talking to authors, business owners, and professionals about what they nerd out. 

These discussions are designed to inspire, educate, and empower listeners by exploring the passions, projects, and personal stories of our guests. Join us and be part of a community that celebrates purpose, passion, and the pursuit of a meaningful life.


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