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Project Ares Challenge, and Three ideas to keep you on track with your health plan!

health project ares Aug 08, 2016


Hey All!

Wanted to quickly share what has really been working for me with keeping in with my workouts this week.

After trying to figure out when the best time to work out during the day, I finally marked the first hour before I go into the office as workout time.  

I work out Monday through Friday, and try to get two 1-hour cardio session, and two 30 minute lifts in each week. Friday is a bonus workout/make-up day incase things go crazy during the week.

I've also been walking for 20 minutes outside before lunch, just to get some sun and get away from my desk.

Surprisingly, I have lost 4.5lbs in the three weeks I have been moving around more!  Plus, keeping my workouts consistant has been pretty aweome.

The three steps I uses are:

  1. Figure out why you want to get healthier 
  2. Schedule one hour of workout time each day during the week
  3. Schedule one 20 minute walk before lunch

The Project Ares Challenge

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