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Let's Celebrate 52 weekly videos completed - YAY!

celebrate weekly content Nov 08, 2016


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Communicating better - What I learned from a Business Trip to Japan!


Hey Everybody!  This weeks video is all about communication.  Communication is something we can always work on to improve - with your spouse, with your co-workers, and/or with your team.

The biggest example I can pull from my career so far is when I went on a business trip to Japan when I worked at Wal-mart Logistics.  We had three different cultural groups, terms that each group shared but meant different things, and I essentially became the punching bag for the Japan team because I was the first person in a long while on the project team to show up in person.

The struggle was real.

The biggest value I added to that project was not the official mission of that trip.  By seeing and undertanding the communication problems the project had, clarifying shared terms so we understood common words, and building relationships.  To sum up, here are four points for better communication:

  1. Understand - Try to understand, in an unbiased way.
  2. Clear - Be sure you are clear...
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How One Moment Can Change Your Life

story weekly content Sep 05, 2016


Have you ever thought about how you got to this moment, right here right now?  Did you ever have a time when you were really struggling, feeling a bit aimless, and not sure how you were going to change?

Me too. 

I was broke, unsure of myself, and not sure how to move forward in my life.  I was working in a strange town, on things I was not super passionate about, and I never wanted to get out of bed each morning.

After a tough relationship, I decided things needed to change.  I started to study relationships, psychology, and self-confidence.  I got into the best shape in my life.  Because of that one relationship, I evenutally ended up finding the work I love - coaching.

So, what are a few pivotal moments in your life, and where did they lead you?  What surprised you the most about the changes that one moment caused?

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