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Unexpected Results From The Path of Service - Interview with Emanuel George III (Dr. EG3)

interview weekly content May 16, 2021

This week the amazing DrEG3 joins us to talk about the unexpected path we take in life when we lead with service in our hearts.  If you are striving to make a difference through helping others, this is a great interview on how you can't plan where life takes you when you heed the call to help.

About our guest:

Emanuel George, affectionately referred to as DrEG3, is a high-performance coach who helps professionals recognize their full leadership potential by embracing their innate gifts, talents, and abilities through authentic coaching and mentorship. Driven by his convictions, DrEG3 has dedicated his life to positively contribute to and enhance the world around him.

Like the city he is from, New Orleans, Louisiana, DrEG3 has a distinct perspective on hard work, diligence, and what it takes to be successful. Having worked in multiple industries and practice settings (i.e., healthcare, real estate, leadership, to name a few), his primary focus these days is helping individuals like YOU who are interested in creating the life you are destined to live.

The Unexpected Path We Take When We Follow Service:

Our discussion covered the often messy path we create when we answer the call to help. DrEG3 shares his journey growing up, becoming a pharmacist, getting into leadership, and becoming the Dean of pharmacy at a college in Texas.

Each step of the way, DrEG3 reached new heights of success by focusing on people and impacting the communities he served. It's an inspiring journey of being called into higher levels of performance because of service to others!

Daily or weekly habits that keep you happy, healthy, productive, or successful:

 #1) Bookend the week - Review the coming week on Monday, review the week's progress on Friday, and what needs to happen the following Monday so that you can enjoy the weekend with your family!

#2) Workout Transitions - Since losing the commute last year during COVID, setting a habit to transition from home life to work and work to home life is essential. For example, a 30-minute workout or walk before going into work and after work helps shift your attitude and mindset for different contexts.



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