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Lessons From A Competitive Cyclist: Michael Ceely Interview

confidence growth health high performance interview mindsets May 02, 2021

Can you remember a pivotal moment that changed your life?

That's what happened to this week's guest, Michael Ceely MFT.  

After watching the movie Breaking Away, a young Michael fell in love with cycling and got after it. Meaning - state championships, Olympic trials, and a lifelong love of cycling.

On the road to high levels of performance, we hit some road bumps sometimes.  We can be good, but sometimes need a bit of challenge to get great.  In the interview, Michael shares two people that helped push him into being a better athlete.  

It's a great conversation about high performance, how to go from making a decision to improve and making it happen.



Michael Ceely is a licensed marriage and family therapist and owner of Ceely Counseling in Berkeley, California. He also serves clients in Wisconsin at Madison Online Therapy.

His approach to therapy is about creating momentum and teaching practical skills that can be applied in the real world. He is the founder of Men’s Therapy Directory, a website dedicated to helping men create positive change.

Michael is also a former competitive cyclist, and holds two state titles. During his cycling career, he participated in numerous national championships, and twice went to the Olympic Trials. He provides mental performance coaching to athletes through his company Ceely Sports.



Check it out on YouTube here:


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