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Compartmentalization Is Dead

Aug 08, 2021

Nobody misses the stress of dodging crazy under-caffeinated drivers on the way to work. Because, without the adrenaline-filled morning commute gauntlet, you start the day more refreshed and able to focus. 

The extra time to take care of home things - laundry, getting the kids to school, talking with your partner or roommates - is centering and energizing.

It's no wonder so many people are looking to continue working from home. According to Pew Research, nearly one-third of all workers wanted to continue to work from home as of December 1, 2020. In addition, nearly 70% of adults surveyed reported being more productive from home.


Well, we used to believe in the compartmentalization of our work and home life - that business was separate from the rest, and we've slowly been moving away from this idea. With video conferencing technology, laptops, cell phones, and other technology, we've been slowly merging our work with the rest of our life, the past ten years. We're now accessible and able to work from anywhere, and so the idea of compartmentalization no longer works in today's world.

Compartmentalization is dead for most office work.

We need a new way to manage the more holistic, objective view on work and home life because, without clear boundaries, we have more demand for our focus at any given time.

So what if we could fully focus and engage with our businesses and professions and fully engage with our family and social lives?

We need to be clear on what's important each day and what we need to accomplish. We need to manage our energy and summon motivation each day. We need to communicate boldly when we are working and when we are not available to team-mates.

We need to flexibly switch contexts without losing steam in the new world where working from anywhere is more common and accepted. And we need to know how to thrive in an environment where not all people are in the same physical space.

That's why I've created the seven-day #WFHChallenge, to help people transition to remote work and 10x their productivity from home.

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