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Focus Is Your Superpower!

Jun 26, 2021

Our attention is pulled in 100 directions every day. From co-workers needing help on something, our projects that need work done, unexpected issues that need our attention, kids who need help getting on zoom for school, or all the social media, news, and distractions that compete for our focus.

Reacting to the world around us without having dedicated time to focus on our priorities can feel draining and exhausting. What if we could better direct our focus so we felt progress towards our goals and better handle distractions?

Before smartphones, we had to physically be at the right place and time for distractions like tv, music, socialization, phone calls, and the like. In today's hyper-connected world, it can be hard to escape the office when you can get pinged on your phone at all hours. Or watch hours of your favorite tv show whenever you want vs. waiting till 6 pm on Wednesday.

How can we focus more on moving the crucial things in our lives? First, we need to believe our ability to focus is sacred and worth protecting. Once that happens, we can shift how we work and live into being more present for more extended periods. Ultimately, we focus when we plan uninterrupted time: for family, friends, work, health, rest, reflection, and living fully.

We talk about block time in high performance - scheduling an hour for one task to complete before moving onto the next task or phase of the day. So, what would happen if you could schedule 1-2 hours a day to focus entirely on what was important? Can you imagine how much more appreciative your family would be for 1-hour of uninterrupted time? Or 1-hour to walk or work out? Would it feel like you were in the flow, where time melts away?

Focus is a superpower everyone can develop. If we can focus on a few activities for a whole uninterrupted hour, we can reach our next level of connection, happiness, productivity, and excitement for life!

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