Shift or Change: How To Handle Dissatisfaction WIth Your Job

chpc psychology weekly video Jun 13, 2021
You have more control over your life than you realize.  You could stop putting up with a bad relationship, quit a bad job, move to a cooler place, or start a business right now - if you wanted it badly enough.  There are responsibilities we need to keep in mind, yet even those can be taken care of thoughtfully and without causing your family harm.
Here's a great example - There's been talk lately of folks being resistant to coming back into the office. Apple announced the expectation of employees being onsite three days a week. Google has the same idea.  Having been someone who commuted to the south bay for Apple, I understand the hesitation.    The two hour commute each way every day was not productive, and I could often get more work done at home than in the office.  Plus, I could take care of things at lunch and spend more time with my wife.  Moving closer would have make my wife's commute so much longer, so we stayed in the East Bay.  So it can be frustrating when you don't feel like you are in control of your life, especially after a year of quarantine and pandemic disruption.
If this is you, you have two immediate options - shift or change.  Maybe it's time to change into another job, career, or business.  So it's shaping your situation to be happier.  Or you need to shift your attitude towards your current gig.  Stuff like remembering why you love your job,  finding good things about the new situation, and other ways to not get caught up in bad feelings.
So how can you shift or change?
  1. Get clear on what you want:  for your day to day work, team expectations, contribution, and commute.
  2. Decide to either change or shift, then make a plan
  3. Set a deadline for change
  4. Explore your options
  5. Consider what won't change if you change.
We shift what we can, and change what we can't.  Because ultimately you are living your life, and can design it to be better!
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