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Happy Mother's Day: Lessons From Mom

May 09, 2021

In 2014 I got a call from Dad. "Shawn, you better get home soon..." he trailed off. My heart sank because I knew what was coming after months of bouncing back from the Bay area to Chicago.

Nobody want's to get "the phone call," especially when you have a loved one who's been switching between recovering and fighting for their life. It's a terrible feeling, and unfortunately, one many can relate to this past year.

You start thinking about the lasts. The last time you hugged. The last time you talked to Mom. The last time you had a deep conversation. The last movie you watched together. You start to think, "what are some of the best moments you had together?" That time when you were young, and the tornado sirens went off, and she read stories about King Artur with a flashlight in the dark to you and your brother, under the stairs. How proud both of your parents were when you graduated. The cheering on when you decided to take the giant leap and live your life by changing jobs.

You start to think about how you are a combination of your parents, good and bad, and how they've influenced you.

My mother hated school growing up and yet loved to read and explore the world. She always encouraged my brother and me, pushed us to find our way in the world, and pursue what made us happy. To try and be the best people we could be and treat others with respect. To be humble and realize we don't know other people's experiences or intentions. Try to find the good and humor in tragedy, struggle, and hardships. All lessons to remember:

  • Be curious
  • Find your passions
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Be humble
  • Be optimistic

So today it's Mothers Day. Our time with our parents is limited, and it's important to celebrate the time you have with them and your family. It's a great time to connect, to relive the good times, and create new memories because life goes on and is too short. If you can see or contact your Mom today, ask her what life lessons she hoped to pass on to you while growing up. If you cannot communicate with her, think about the best memories you both shared today and share them with family or friends to help you connect with others. 

Today I'll probably try to listen to some Beatles to remind me of my Mom because they were the soundtrack to me growing up because of her.



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