Does Slow Progress Got You Down?

coaching productivity psychology May 30, 2021

Ever been working on something for so long, and you started to get discouraged because you weren't advancing quick enough?

Like you are looking for a new home, and months of searching don't yield a suitable place? Or the project at work that has gone on for years and never seems to be able to wrap up? The promotion never comes, even when you triple your work.

There's frustration at the situation because nothing seems to move. There's anger at people who seem to block your progress or helplessness to change your trajectory.

What if you could shift from feeling frustrated, anxious, and angry to feeling more JOY as you pushed forward? So many other folks will tell you to keep grinding through the bad feelings, causing you to focus on them. If we can cultivate more fun and joy in our endeavors, we can sustain the work until we succeed! Maybe with a change in our approach, we can keep motivated and feel more progress and positivity.

So how can we shift our focus so we can sustain our motivation and good vibes?

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  1. Daily Brain Breaks - Make sure you are giving mind and eyes a few breaks in the day, like a few minutes each hour. It can sharpen your thinking and keep your energy up throughout the day.
  2. Daily Review. This daily review can help you see if you are effective enough. If you need to switch things up, look for mentors or others who've gone before you.
  3. Daily Plan.  Sometimes our progress stalls because we are not clear on what we need to do.
  4. Daily Rejuvenation. So many folks burn out because they stop doing the things that bring joy to their lives. Start your day feeling good before you grind it out.
  5. Daily Blockade Buster.  What is keeping you from your final triumph? Maybe it's nothing, but if you have a roadblock and you can consistently remove them, then you'll see the progress you wish.

Slow progress or feeling dejected? Sometimes when our progress is slow, we need to change our approach to doing the work so we can keep going.


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