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What does confidence really get you?

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2020

I'm trying something new this week, and doing a blog on the best "Start Your Morning WIth a Coach" live video of the week (subscribe on FB, YT, or IG on the social icons below).  And that video is on why creating unshakable confidence is something everyone needs to learn.

We are all told to be more confident, that confidence leads to success or that confidence is attractive in a partner.

But what does confidence really add to your life?

As someone who has consistently worked on being more confident in multiple areas of life, it's been transformational when I've found my footing.

From my career in tech, dating, and just being ok with my dorky-weird self, confidence has unlocked my next level of joy, growth, and impact.

I used to be painfully shy and would stress out about every social interaction I encountered.  When it was time to head out to college, I realized I needed to get over my social anxiety if I were to make new friends.  So I decided to try to face my...

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What Confident People Do, Every Day

chpc confidence Aug 01, 2020

Confidence is a feeling we can create when we need it.  When it’s time to try something new, lead, do the task, or take responsibility, we need to be confident.

That’s not to say we want to have fake or false confidence.  Knowing where we will be learning, needing and asking for help, and being ok to fail a bit is the kind of confidence we want.  Not the ego-centric, I can do anything even though I don’t know anything about this task confidence - most people can see inauthentic confidence and don’t particularly like it.

So what can you do, every day, to build your authentic confidence?

Find out four daily actions to keep creating the confidence you need in this vblog!

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Be More...

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2020

Today's topic is about being more. 

The folks that end up changing the world have the most significant impact, which is one of the three objectives of the show: to find more joy, growth, and impact in your life.  

People that achieve these three goals ( in particular greater impact ) consistently pushed themselves to be even more than their past experiences. 

So if you've ever felt stuck in your job, if you've ever felt unhappy for an extended period of time, or you felt that you've been stuck in a relationship, it's probably because the progress stopped happening. Maybe you don't feel like you're not progressing in your career, not seeing the results on the scale from your new workout regimen, not building that deeper intimacy level with friends or with your significant other. 

It's important for people to feel progress and not feel stuck. So how do you get into that zone? Part of it is it's consistently trying to be a better human being, and that's...

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Find More Balance to Find More Joy, Growth, and Impact

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2020
Our best ideas come from seemingly unrelated areas. Each area of our life informs other areas. Our relationships can make our jobs seem amazing, or terrible. Our careers can impact how we treat our friends and family. Our hobbies can make not ideal situations bearable.
When we have balance in all areas of our lives, we can be more joyful, find more personal progress and growth, and have a greater impact in our communities.
So many of us are caught in the rat race. We work endlessly, with little room for relationships. We focus too much on relationships, at the cost of our selves and work. We are so unhappy with what we are doing, but obligation keeps us there.
So how can we find more balance? Find out more in this video.
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The Sum of Your Experience

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2020

Our perspectives from our unique career paths, upbringing, and experience can be our superpower.

Taking strategies and ideas from one area of our lives to another can help you seem like a superhero or rockstar. It's why companies who are well managed encourage employees to change teams and areas. It's why successful technology companies have engineers who also have experience in areas other than computer science. The more diverse experience employees have, the more varied the thinking and solutions to problems.  

Sometimes remembering how successful we've been in the past can help us succeed in the present.

I've recently been working on some of my business processes and have been combining my business background with my software background.  

I've been in the non-technical part of my coaching business the past year and realized there are manual processes I could automate or tools I could write to help speed up some of my daily activities.

It's been fun to dust...

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Why I'm Optimistic For the future

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020

Bob Dylan once sang, "the times they are a-changin'."  And it's a good thing.

There is so much opportunity for positive things to come out of these times.  It'll take everyone to make sure progress happens, and I think we will be stronger from it.

But so many people struggle to keep engaged.  There are social media and news, telling us we need to be afraid of each other because of coronavirus, rioters, and other threats.  It can be overwhelming to keep up with everything, to show up in your life each day because of the pace of change, and scale of anxiety.

Make no mistake.  The human condition is one of change, progress, and struggle.

Sometimes it feels like we are currently living in all three of these factors.

There have been times when I have lived in all three.  See, when I was five my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was a scary time seeing her go through treatment, and the toll it took on her.  It was also...

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Working from home, or living at work?

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2020

You can be more productive when you work from home vs the office.

You get rid of the commute to have more time to do personal and work things. You are less likely to be interrupted by a co-worker dropping by with an emergency. But people also can get burnt out working from home, because now your office is where you live.

If you are not careful about boundaries, then you could work 24/7.

The pressure to keep on a project and not take care of yourself - laundry, exercise, etc - can make you feel trapped at home. So how can you work #wfh more effectively?

Check out four things to consider when you work from home in the video!

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How to Handle Technical Mishaps with More Grace

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2020

Why isn't anything coming out of the coffee grinder?  In the morning.  Before any caffeine.  

A simple question and one I never wish on my enemies.  Hi, I'm Shawn, and I'm a coffee addict.  It's not THAT serious, but it's the starting my day off in a way that could easily set the tone for the whole day.

More things do continue to slow me down technology-wise.  After the ever-trusty coffee grinder gives me guff, the programs I use to record these blogs decided to pile on.  I'm behind schedule, and I'm starting to get frustrated.

Ever feel like the technology god's frown upon you on some days?

Me too.  There is some good news, though.  You don't need to let these types of hurdles slow you down.  From my day's working in software, there's a quick three-step process you can use to handle these kinds of days with more grace so that you can get back to being productive.

Check out the video to find out the three steps to help keep you from...

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What do you think?

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2020

This week's blog is just some open questions I've been thinking about how we can move forward and create the change we need.

Let's get a conversation going, so post your thoughts below on these questions.

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Envision Your Future for Maximum Success

Uncategorized May 30, 2020

Are you the kind of person who struggles to make progress towards your goals or future?  The kind of person that struggles with distractions, and finding momentum on building the life that you want?

Or are you the person who has success come easy, who is focused, and who is constantly working towards their future?  

How can you be the latter, or learn how to succeed even more quickly?

That's what today's blog is all about.  How to envision your future more to help you reach even more success.  Start your week with a coach right by learning the four areas to think about to envision your future.


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