5 Key Steps to Follow Your Heart and Realize Your Dreams

May 23, 2023

5 Key Steps to Follow Your Heart and Realize Your Dreams

Choosing to follow your heart and pursue your dreams can be the hardest yet the most rewarding decision you'll ever make. Shawn Buttner, a high-performance coach, shares the five crucial steps in following your heart to achieve your dreams.

1. Define Your Dream and Live Your Truth

Start by getting clear about your dream. Ask yourself: "What is it that I truly want in life?" Be honest with yourself about whether you're currently living your truth or not, and envision the next level of your truth. Remember, living your truth doesn't necessarily mean throwing everything away. It might mean finding new ways to express your true self within your existing life, or it could involve significant changes.

2. Understand Your Fears

It's natural to have fears, but it's essential not to let them control your decisions. Fears typically revolve around the process, outcome, or loss. Reflect on these fears and their roots. Understand what you stand to gain by overcoming them and what you could lose by not making any changes. Try to manage your fears through journaling or other reflective practices.

3. Believe in Your Ability to Change

The third step is to believe in your ability to make the change you desire. Your actions can impact your life, the environment, and the people around you. Therefore, believing that you can achieve your vision is vital. Connect with your vision and remind yourself daily why your actions are essential. Consider posting your vision somewhere visible to remind you of what you're working towards each day.

4. Identify the Big Five Moves

To realize your dream, identify the five significant actions or "big moves" you need to make. Break down your vision into manageable steps, making the process less overwhelming. Consider each step as a piece of the bigger puzzle and tackle each one systematically.

5. Set Deadlines

Lastly, set a deadline for each of the big five steps. Mark when you will have made a decision or achieved something related to each step. Deadlines can drive effectiveness and productivity, even if they can feel uncomfortable at times.

In conclusion, gaining clarity on your dream, understanding your fears, believing in your abilities, identifying key actions, and setting deadlines are essential steps to living authentically and following your heart. Remember, your choice could impact not only yourself but also your family, friends, and community. The hardest choice is often to follow your heart, but if you follow your dream, you'll find it's a path you can commit to for a long time.

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Living a fulfilling life often involves following your heart and pursuing your dreams. Here are five essential steps to get you started on this journey:

  • Define Your Dream and Live Your Truth: Understand what you truly want from life and assess whether your current lifestyle aligns with this vision.

  • Understand Your Fears: Acknowledge your fears related to the process, outcome, or potential loss and consider what you stand to gain by overcoming them.

  • Believe in Your Ability to Change: Build a strong belief in your capability to make a desired change, reminding yourself daily of your vision and purpose.

  • Identify the Big Five Moves: Break down your dream into five major steps or actions to make the process more manageable and less overwhelming.

  • Set Deadlines: Establish deadlines for each step to boost productivity and maintain focus on the goal.

Following your heart can be a challenging yet rewarding decision, impacting not only your life but also your family, community, and organizations around you. Understanding your fears, believing in your abilities, identifying your steps, and setting deadlines can help you navigate the path to your dream. High-performance coach, Shawn Buttner, offers a free one-hour strategy session to help you further on this journey. He is committed to helping individuals live more authentically and follow their dreams.

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