Five Things To Do To Get Back On Track

growth high performance personal development May 02, 2023

We all get thrown off track sometimes, whether it's in our health goals, career goals, or personal goals. The good news is that there are specific strategies we can use to get back on track and achieve success.

We need to remember that the road to success isn't episodic, meaning that one moment doesn't define us. Our behavior over time is more important, so if you miss one day of your diet, big whoop. If you miss a week, it's troubling. And if you miss more than a week, it's your habit and it's time to re-evaluate or get help. 

So how can we get back on track?

Sometimes you need some external help, like from a coach or trusted person. 

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Outside of getting help from a mentor, friend, or coach, here are five habits and strategies to help you get back on track.

Five ways to get back on track!

1. Find More Clarity

Firstly, it's important to have clarity on our big goal and the steps we need to take to achieve it. This could mean seeking out resources like books or programs that break down the process and give us a clear roadmap. For example, the book "How to Train" by Hal Higdon breaks down the steps to run any distance, while the Whole30 program provides a clear plan for improving nutrition.

2. Add A More Detailed Plan

Once we have clarity, we need to create a specific plan that breaks down our goals into daily, actionable steps. This plan should be time-bound, with measurable results over weeks or months. To create this plan, we can use tools like the SMART goal framework, which emphasizes specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

3. Do The Next Best Action

Next, we need to focus on taking the next best action of integrity, even when we slip up or face obstacles. This means having the resilience to get back on track and follow through on our plan, even when it's difficult. One technique that can help with this is active procrastination, where we focus on the second or third most important task on our to-do list until the most important task drops in priority.

4. Find More Rejuvenation 

It's also important to take regular breaks and practice self-care, which can help us avoid burnout and stay motivated. This could mean taking a break to reflect, seeking out a mentor or coach, or finding ways to incorporate rejuvenating activities like exercise or meditation into our daily routine.

5. "Actively Procrastinate" 

Finally, it's crucial to be kind to ourselves and recognize that setbacks and mistakes are a natural part of the process. We should focus on consistency over time and celebrate the progress we've made, rather than beating ourselves up for not being perfect.


To support our success, we can also seek out resources and tools like personal development books, coaching programs, and online communities. Some examples include the "Atomic Habits" book by James Clear, the Tony Robbins coaching program, or the online community "Bullet Journal Junkies".

By using these strategies and resources, we can overcome obstacles, stay on track, and achieve success in our personal and professional lives.



  • Getting clarity on your big goal and what you need to do next is important for staying on track.
  • Having a clear, granular plan with specific goals for each day helps ensure success.
  • When you get thrown off track, focus on the next best action to get back on track and avoid beating yourself up.
  • Taking breaks and rejuvenation is important to prevent burnout and maintain productivity.
  • Try active procrastination by doing the second and third most important tasks on your to-do list until the most important task falls into a lower priority.
  • Don't judge yourself by one moment but by your consistency over time towards your goals.
  • Hiring a coach or talking to a mentor or trusted family member can be helpful in providing accountability and support.

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