Think "Bigger Scale" For More Success

Jul 24, 2023

Recently, I shared some thoughts on the power of aiming higher in life to spark positive emotion and energy. I presented this idea I call "intention of scale" - imagine your ambitions, then scale them up. Through my journey as a high-performance coach, I've had the privilege of guiding countless people to scale their dreams and make them a reality.

What's key in this journey? Well, setting up a process is a big one. Drawing from my own experience running a podcast, it's clear that structured processes are invaluable when managing growing ambitions. And of course, as a coach, I'm always here to help you along the way.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of consistency in achieving high ambitions. It's crucial to revisit your goals more than just once a year. My tip? Use a calendar to keep yourself consistent in striving for those sky-high goals.

Then there's the fun part - learning. Learning new skills or processes isn't just educational, it's downright exciting. That burst of motivation when you're in learning mode? It's priceless. And if you're looking for some solid resources, check out Jim Quick or Tim Ferris - they've nailed the art of learning.

The last point I want to touch on is the power of assuming an identity. Becoming a high performer, an expert, can drastically shift your perspective. Embody that identity, and it can change how you approach your goals.

Wrapping this up, I want to leave you with a note of optimism. Believing in your ability to shape your world, to make a difference - it's a game changer. So, here's to aiming higher and impacting our environment.

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