Excellence, Without Burnout

Mar 14, 2023

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You can strive for excellence without burning out in your life.

A big part of burning out is habits and when you think of someone that gets into a new job and gets into a new situation, and some people thrive in other people's struggle, what's the difference? And it's habits, right? And if you don't fix your habits, you'll eventually hit burnout.

And burnout if in my definition, is not taking care of yourself. So impacting your health and. Properly taking care of your relationships. So the more responsibility that we have, the more bandwidth that it requires. But again, based on your habits, you can do more with that bandwidth than you originally thought.

Now, if you are able to successfully and sustainably push yourself a hundred percent, serve with more joy, with more impact, with more growth, then you're able to grow your capability to grow that bandwidth.

And when you don't, that's when you damage your health, you damage relationships, and you're not able to achieve it as much over time.




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