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Be On The Front Edge Of Your Excellence - Mim Abbey Interview

interview Aug 29, 2021

Overview Of Our Conversation:

What a great conversation with Mim this week!  We cover a ton of area, like realizing and recovering from burnout, defining success for yourself, and two killer tactical habits to help you live on the edge of your excellence.  Check out the full video interview for more, and the summary of our questions below.

Who are you, what do you, and how did you get there?

Mim Abbey, founder of Soul Of Success. I help individuals and organizations build outstanding teams, develop business and sales, and create high-quality leadership teams.

She started in tech, moved into consulting early in my career. Mim was constantly traveling and noticed her body wasn't happy. Talking about all the jaw, wrist, and foot pain she was experiencing with a friend, she was asked the question, "Do you think all this pain is systematic? From stress or your lifestyle?" That was the beginning of her transformation.

That conversation reminded Mim about something her tennis teacher once said. You don't have to do all that footwork while you get into position to swing at the ball.

Where in your life are you doing tons of busy work to act when you could cut down on unnecessary action, make a few minor adjustments, and take your swing to hit the ball?


What does high performance mean to you?

"Be on the front edge of your excellence!" - Mim Abbey

Choosing what you want for your life. Working beyond what you think you are capable of - finding "your bester you" and being consistent and disciplined in your efforts.

These three points are all in service of creating a whole, well-rounded level of success. 

We have so many aspects of our lives; how are we defining success for ourselves?


What's one daily or weekly habit that keeps you happy, healthy, productive, or successful?

I have a whole process with my Daily Growth Planner, with questions to help you grow in the morning and reflect in the afternoon.

Tactically, "I'm was the queen of the snooze, so I moved my alarm clock out of the bedroom, to my bathroom, so I have to get out of bed and start my day."

Also, find three things you are proud of each day, big or small. We sometimes forget to honor the small wins, so a few times during the day, set an alarm on your phone to think about what you've accomplished.


Who influenced or helped you become successful, and what did they do?

My parents taught me to play by the rules, which helped me get through school and about in the world.

My first boss taught me how to think through breaking the rules - when it was appropriate and how to go about doing it.

It's crucial, especially in large organizations, to have tools to know when to follow the chain of command and when to move around disfunction or bureaucracy.

Meet Mim Abbey:

Mim is an established leader in the fields of both professional and personal development. With more than 20 years of experience helping people and companies become more effective and reach their personal, professional, strategic and relationship goals, Mim brings an unmatched depth of expertise that combines with her authentic approach and dynamic delivery to help people grow and succeed. 

As a result of Mim's speaking, workshops, coaching, or virtual work, people and teams are ready to take their next steps plus maintain the necessary momentum to achieve and exceed their targets. Mim's expertise has helped grow Fortune 500 companies across the globe. 

Mim is also an experienced event presenter for global corporate events and conferences, a contributor to major publications such as The Huffington Post, and has appeared on local news and the Hallmark Channel Morning Show. 

Mim works with individuals, teams and leaders in such organizations as Microsoft, Yahoo, Cisco, Bloomberg, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, KKR, JPMorgan Chase, Tiffany & Co, NBCUniversal, Huffington Post, MetLife, Estée Lauder, Raytheon and Fidelity Investments.

Contact Mim Here:

Insta and FaceBook: soulofsuccessbymim
LinkedIN: Mim Abbey
Check out the interview on Youtube, here:

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