So You Quit Your Job Because of Burnout.... Now What?

burnout coaching productivity Aug 22, 2021

"There is no amount of money or anything that's going to keep me here."

Have you recently felt so burnt out with your job that you were at the point where you needed to quit for your health and sanity?

Many folks are joining "the great resignation" because of burnout and better opportunities. Many articles talk about why specific industries are currently struggling while others are experiencing a hiring extravaganza.

So, what are the next steps if you've left or are leaving your job due to stress?

Most people leave a job to move towards or away from something. They move towards better compensation, benefits, quality of life, shorter commute time, or more fulfilling work. They move away from bad managers, miserable work, busy work, lack of opportunity, overwhelm, and lack of appreciation (to name a few ideas).

These ideas also contribute to "burnout," or feeling consistently overwhelmed, exhausted, and disengaged.

The problem is the overwhelm, exhaustion, and disengagement don't just disappear when we change our situations. So how can we get to an enthusiastic state for the new gig, chapter of our lives, or next thing?

  1. Create a new rejuvenation routine - Burnout, by definition, is joyless. The big thing you can do to recover from or avoid burnout is to up your rejuvenation routines. Play music. Write. Create furniture. Whatever you find exciting and joyful, get more consistent with that activity. 
  2. Process Your Previous Experience - If you are coming off a rough job, take time to reflect on what you loved about the previous position and what you learned. You'll psychologically let the past go if you can frame your experience as learnings about what you liked and what to look out for going forward.
  3. Get Physical - One of the best ways to process experience is exercise. It has the one-two punch of moving emotions out of the body and helping you feel better, faster, and more robust.
  4. Get Social - Especially if you had a job with horrible and/or extended hours. Connecting with friends, family, and your community can help you get to a good place to start the next chapter.
  5. Adopt The Building Block Mindset - If we see all the chapters of our lives as building blocks for what's next, we can feel excited about going into the future. That terrible job, that exhausting time in our lives, that time tragedy struck, the time we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, all were building blocks for what's next. We can't change them, and we won't know what we are creating until we look back later.

All these ideas can help you come out of burnout quicker. Yet, if they are put in place before you become miserable and tired, they can also keep you from burning out. In either case, these habits are essential because FEELING more confident, present, and happy each day can help you thrive.



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