What's it gonna take to finish 2020 productive and strong?

Oct 04, 2020

If you’ve been putting off anything major this year, it’s time to PUSH.

2020 has been pretty chaotic, and that probably won’t change. So do you need that extra business, that project completed, the things set up so you can cruise through the holidays?

So, what do you need to complete by the end of the month? Is the work scheduled on your calendar?

Because if it’s not, you are probably not clear on what you need to do, or what it will take.

Take the time to plan out your productivity this month.

If you have everything clear and planned out, then one of my favorite questions is, “What would need to happen to get all this done in half the time?”. It gets you thinking about how you could do things more effectively or from a different perspective and keep you from getting stuck.

So what’s your plan for the home stretch of 2020? Comment below!



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