WIth Vision, It's Possible

hpi Mar 16, 2022

Everyone has a time in their life when they feel a little lost. Sometimes, you actually achieve a big goal and then wonder, “now what?” Other times, you’ve been working and boldly acting, and you realize you are not living the life you wanted; you’re living the life someone else designed.
In either case, it can feel anxious, restless, or unfulfilled.

So how do you get back into your confidence, purpose, and fulfillment?

You need to get clear on what’s important to you.

When you know your values and what’s most important, it’s easier to make optimal decisions for your life. You can use your values to help you figure out the next best steps or lead you to the next big goal.
When you are unsure of who you are and what’s most important, you tend to “go with the flow” and may end up at a job and place you don’t want, or you might waste too much time on the wrong thing.
That’s why it’s essential to get clear on who you are, so you can figure out what you want.

Most people leave it up to the world to tell them what they believe. They get values from their parents, culture, work, and friends without considering what they are about.

And that used to be ok in a world where we communicated less and cameras weren’t everywhere. But, now more than ever, we need to know our values to prevent regret with something we said or did.

Because if we are constantly striving to work within our values, we can only grow and learn and humbly accept when we falter or misstep.

So how can we get clear on who we are and what we want? 

See the video for more explaining on these three reflection ideas:
1. 3-Word Exercise
2. What makes me the happiest?
3. What is most important to me right now?
4. What inspires me to serve greater and with more excellence?

Whatever you are going after, with vision it's possible! 

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