010 - Release Meditation: Why Meditation Changes The Game

meditation Oct 27, 2021

Meditation is for lower stress, better focus, better connection, better overall performance. When you "get it," you'll find you feel relaxed and better after meditation, like you had a great nap!

So many people try meditation and don't feel like they get it. My father was the first to show me meditation years ago. His method was to sit and focus on trying to get your thumb and forefinger to barely touch - basically until enlightenment. I felt like I was missing something because it was BORING! Plus, if your mind was going a mile a minute, it was near impossible to sit still.

Later on in life, I stumbled on the release meditation, made popular by Brendon Burchard. It's a directive way to quiet your mind and relax, focused on one word: Release.


Say the word, and release any tension in your body. Release any thoughts, and don't follow them. If you can do 20 minutes, great! If you only have 3 minutes, that's great too.
You'll find when you are starting out with meditation, you might find that thoughts keep popping in your head. Acknowledge them, and try to focus back on the word release.

If you are tired and fall asleep, that's also ok. However, it might be a good idea to set an alarm to make sure you wake up (it's saved me from being late before, lol!)
It may feel clunky the first few times you try this, but if you can get to 5 days in a row, you'll feel the clarity of mind, energy, and positive mindset that happens after your meditation.

So let's do it together now. (4:34 in the video)


First, get comfortable and sit nobly in a chair.

Close your eyes and find your center. Now, take three deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth. While you breathe, try to find your center. Then, say the word "Release" out loud, and try to release any thoughts, tensions, or feelings that come up. I'll bring you back in 15 minutes.

Congratulations on completing the release meditation!  How do you feel?

Try doing the release meditation once a day for a week.

I find it best to do mediation when you are transitioning between tasks, like before or after work.  It's also a great reset to do a 3 minute meditation when you switch tasks, like going from presenting to writing emails.

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