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What's next is a Choice

Nov 08, 2020
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“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to
succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.
Abraham Lincoln

Each moment, we have a choice on how we show up. We can win with grace, we can lose with character, or we can not.  We can live up to our better nature, or succumb to our lowest impulses.

It's important to bring up in the context of the US Presidential Election that was called yesterday for Biden. No matter your politics, a great leader's value should be how they handle power and treat other people.

Last night, Joe Biden's acceptance speech was an attempt to welcome in the Americans who did not vote for him - to take the president's responsibility with humility and acknowledge a large part of the country did not vote for him. Obama's peaceful transfer of power four years ago was an invitation for the current administration to step up and serve all Americans.

Again, we as Americans have the opportunity to decide how we show up. Do we accept our voting system's strength, or do we play politics to cast doubt on the election for political points? Do we listen to each other and get into the work of building a more perfect union, or do we continue the mistrust and anger towards an abstract version of our fellow citizens?

Each of us, individually, needs to think about how we want to act going forward. Let us listen more. Let us help each other more. Let us think of each other as Americans, not political affiliations.

Because if we continue to see each other in terms of political party and abstract enemies, we will be choosing the continued weakening and destruction of our grand experiment in self-rule.

How will you choose to show up? How will you help your fellow citizens to show up?

My wish is we all show up with respect for one another, with common purpose, with hope we can bridge the divisiveness currently in our society. 

I believe we can move forward and find common ground together. It's the country I want to live in, and the country I want for you.

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