What to do when you feel frustrated from lack of progress?

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2019

We've all been there.  We pour our heart, soul, brainpower, hopes, and dreams into our effort, and we don't feel like we have made the progress we should. 

Inevitably, the question comes up, "should I stop this, or should I keep going?".

The answer is - it depends.

Are you focused on what happens when you win the fight, or that the battle is too much?  Is it worth the fight to continue pushing, sweating, exerting, to make progress?

Are you focused too much on this part of your life, so much that you are neglecting other parts of your life?  Would clearing your head with family help you solve that big work problem?

When was the last time you celebrated ANY progress?  Even just a little win.  Or are you dreading all the hardship and hurdles?

Your answers to those questions will answer the question, "Should I stop or keep going." 

If you're striving for service to your family or your community, it's important to keep these questions in front of your mind.  It will keep you from souring on your effort, and keep you going.

When you feel frustrated because you feel stuck, try these three ideas to keep you engaged and going.

  1. Focus on the good.  Whenever the good that comes from success is less than the pain from struggling, start planning to stop or transition.
  2. Try a different "life lever."  Sometimes our work suffers because we are not healthy, or engaged with our family.  Focusing on another area of your life could free you up or renew your resolve to succeed.
  3. Celebrate all the progress you have made so far.  Remember where you were when you started, and all the wins you have had till now.  It seems like a simple exercise, and so many times, my successful clients have found this super impactful.

I hope you enjoyed this blog-post.  Please comment below with what you think, or any questions you have about personal development or high performance.  I would love to highlight and use my network of folks to help you get further ahead, faster.



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