What to Do if You Are Great at Your Job, and You Can't Get Everything Done

productivity weekley Apr 23, 2017

When I first started my career, I had a job where I wore a ton of different hats.  Project manager, programmer, support guy, business analyst, customer relationship manager, and sometime, punching bag.  

My business degree was helpful, though I felt like I was pulled in 1000 different directions and never made progress on anything.

Eventually, I learned four things that helped me feel more in control of my day, and generated momentum with my work so I didn't feel frustrated.

  1. Focus Management -  What was the theme for the day, meaning what was the one thing to do to move things forward?
  2. Block-time -  Did I have a significant amount of time on my calendar today to do the one big thing?
  3. Prioritization - What are all the open loop or tasks I have, and what are the top two I can work on today?
  4. Delegation - Of all my tasks, what are things that need me, or what are things that others can take up?

Reflecting on these things, and implementing them helped increase my quality of life, and general satisfaction!  How could you implement these in your work next week, and how would it feel to gain some momentum?

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