What is your perfect day?

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2016


In a world of constant change, you can build up stress.  We all need to SLOW IT DOWN and take care of ourselves.  So, what is your perfect day?  

Sometimes we are so busy getting things done, we forget to take care of ourselves, or to think a bit more strategically about how we want structure our life.  In high perforamnce studies, we talk about expression and how it is important with happiness.

Before we get to my five ideas to have the perfect day, take a second to think of five ideas to express and plan your perfect day.  What would be your five components?  I ask you this becasue there is no right or wrong answer - just perspective.  

Got your five ideas?  Cool - Here are five ideas to think through to express and plan your perfect day:

  1. Nutrition - What will you do to fuel your body in your ideal day?
  2. Workout - What will you do to strenghen and energize your body?
  3. Rejuvination - What would you do to generation inspriation, excitement, relaxation and/or happiness?
  4. Contribution - What would you do to help others, or improve the world?
  5. Celebration - What would you need to do to feel greatful for your progress, the impact you have on the world and others, or feel happy with the day

Incorporating your answers to these five items (or your five items) in your day will help you feel more connected to your life, and maybe even a bit happier!  

If you really want to see some change, take your answeres from these five and schedule them on your calendar each day.  I am sure you will see a difference if you give it a try.


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