What does confidence really get you?

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2020

I'm trying something new this week, and doing a blog on the best "Start Your Morning WIth a Coach" live video of the week (subscribe on FB, YT, or IG on the social icons below).  And that video is on why creating unshakable confidence is something everyone needs to learn.

We are all told to be more confident, that confidence leads to success or that confidence is attractive in a partner.

But what does confidence really add to your life?

As someone who has consistently worked on being more confident in multiple areas of life, it's been transformational when I've found my footing.

From my career in tech, dating, and just being ok with my dorky-weird self, confidence has unlocked my next level of joy, growth, and impact.

I used to be painfully shy and would stress out about every social interaction I encountered.  When it was time to head out to college, I realized I needed to get over my social anxiety if I were to make new friends.  So I decided to try to face my fears, somehow.  

My answer came through music.  I LOVE music and got to perform at an after school program during my senior year.  It was scary, my folks came to see me with about 50 other people in the audience, and I could barely play the guitar and sing.

As I butchered some songs on stage, I saw some of my peers singing along.  I couldn't believe it!  I was horrible, and people were engaging and cheering me on.  And I realized people, in general, want others to succeed.  It was a defining moment that helped me feel a bit more confident going forward.

So what does confidence really get you?  Three main things:

  1. The ability to fail, often.  Or to accept failure as part of the road to success.
  2. The ability to better act and enact change.
  3. The ability to learn more quickly.

When you can create these three abilities in your life, consistently, you become unshakable and unstoppable.  



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