Message for the week: Tell Someone You Care About You Love Them!

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2019

This week I'm getting married!  So I've been thinking about the special people in my life, my vows, and what this week means for me.

As such, I started thinking about all the people I care about that can and can't make it this weekend.  About the people, I have not talked to or seen in too long, and the people I get to see regularly.

So I wondered, why did I keep up with certain people, and not others?  Have you ever lost touch with someone you loved or enjoyed the company of?

Recent articles quoting how most people in the US have an average of one close friend or confidant, highlight the need for more social connection.

So with this small tidbit of knowledge, I have a challenge for you.  This week, tell someone you care about them directly that you appreciate them, that you want to hang out, that you want to catch up, that you care.

Even if you don't believe the research or have a vast network of close folks, this is still a great idea because we need more positive interaction in the world today.  With so much negative energy out there, reaching out to someone you like to spread a little bit of light could be the one good thing they hear today,  

Spread some positivity.  Not to cover up all the things that are wrong in the world, but to have a small break from the chaos that can be life.


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