The Surprising Truth About Why You Get Stuck

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2018

Many of my clients and students ask me questions like "I don't understand why I can't finish this project", or "I know I want to change, and I feel stuck in my current job/level of health/relationship".

So many of these folks know a bit about personal development, so it's not a lack of knowledge that prevents them from keeping focused and finishing their goals or dreams.  

They know to change their "state", to remember their "why", to check their negative beliefs and self-talk, and so on.  

In each case, the thing that got them unstuck was something surprising.  What is the surprising thing successful people have to move forward?

Relationships - It's a new relationship, or new perception on an existing relationship.

It's having a coaching relationship that checks in and calls you out when you are inconsistent with your priorities.  It's the relationship that role-models for your children.  It's the relationship with your parents that makes them proud for graduating from college, or getting a great job.  It's the relationship as a provider for your family that drives career choices.  It's the mentoring relationship that helped you see more in you than you did.

Making the dream social, or in service to an important relationship, makes the difference every time in success.

In your life, who were the people that helped you make big changes or realize big dreams?

Relationships are important to your performance, and productivity.  Your next level of success will be defined by your next level of relationships in your life.

So here are a few questions on building those amazing relationships, so you can reach your next level of success even quicker!

  1. Who can you tell that you love and/or appreciate them?
  2. Who relies on you to be happy, successful, and not burned out?
  3. Who are the people you want to make proud?
  4. What is the relationship with yourself, and how does it serve you?
  5. Who challenges you to excellence and growth?

If you feel like you don't have many people in any of these category, go find the people who will inspire you to be better.  

And remember, anyone who tells you you can't, shouldn't, won't, or doubts you is someone who should have little influence in your life.  You don't need to cut those folks out of your life, yet you need to know how to manage them being in your life.  



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