The Sum of Your Experience

Jul 12, 2020

Our perspectives from our unique career paths, upbringing, and experience can be our superpower.

Taking strategies and ideas from one area of our lives to another can help you seem like a superhero or rockstar. It's why companies who are well managed encourage employees to change teams and areas. It's why successful technology companies have engineers who also have experience in areas other than computer science. The more diverse experience employees have, the more varied the thinking and solutions to problems.  

Sometimes remembering how successful we've been in the past can help us succeed in the present.

I've recently been working on some of my business processes and have been combining my business background with my software background.  

I've been in the non-technical part of my coaching business the past year and realized there are manual processes I could automate or tools I could write to help speed up some of my daily activities.

It's been fun to dust off the ol' coding part of my brain, and directly see how things help!  

Marathon training teaches patience and long term planning.

Performing music teaches going up in front of a crowd won't destroy you.

Three things to keep in mind as you think about all of your experiences:

  1. Trust in your path  - When your experiences seem disconnected, it sometimes requires a little bit of faith to look back, connect the dots, and realize your unique superpower.
  2. Have a healthy dose of optimism! - Part of the fun of combining different times and areas of your life is the creativity to figure out how things mix. Sometimes you find interesting insights, contributions, or improvements in the space where different concepts mix   
  3. Know who needs you to perform at your best right now. Who needs you to be more resilient for right? Who needs your creativity or inspiration? Sometimes when it's necessary to perform, we remember what's important to us. Like when we need our business to succeed, you might pull strength from previous successful careers.

When you can bring in the sum of all your experiences to what you are currently doing, you can unlock your unique magic and contribute with greater impact!




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