The Productivity Paradox: More Productivity, More Problems

Aug 15, 2020

Productivity and success are more than what you get done at work.  It's the quality of your personal relationships.  It's the level of your health and well-being.  It's the joy you can cultivate through hobbies, passions, and interactions.

When we are able to get more done, we should be able to free up time for other things.  Why is it that being more productive usually creates less time?  This is the productivity paradox - the more we do, the less time it frees up.

We have a myth in our society that hours worked equal virtue.  You hear it with all the "grind until you die", "sleep is for when your dead" advice.  

But hours put in is not productivity.  Have you ever worked a job that made you work certain hours, no matter how little actual work there is to be done?  Like, you've cleaned the place 30 times, gotten ahead of what needs to be done that week, and you still need to be at your station?

This is not productive, time-wise. 

So how can we break free of the productivity paradox?

Check out the video to find out! 


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