The Meaningful Revolution: Live A More Fulfilled And Purposeful Life

#meaningfulrev meaningful revolution Apr 24, 2022

Have you ever felt like you wanted to work on something more fulfilling and meaningful? 

Maybe it manifests as daydreaming about changing your career. What if you took a chance and started over at a place where you LOVED what you did? Or what if you took the bold step to strike out on your own and create your own thing where you reaped all the benefits of your work?

People think this all the time, especially when things are fine in their life. They have a stable, good jobs but feel restless somehow. 

High performers do not settle for fine for too long, though. They need new challenges to feel progress in their lives because they NEED to serve at higher levels and feel meaning in the things they do. 

How do they create meaning and fulfillment in what they do?

It starts with intention.

We either create meaning intentionally, or we sleepwalk through our lives. That’s why we need a #meaningfulRevolution - a set of habits that help us create meaning every day. The next month we will deep dive into where people usually find meaning in their lives and habits to support you in advancing in each area of your life.  

So what will we talk about in the coming weeks? The Five C's of Meaning

  1. Connect with interests: Figuring out what’s meaningful to us and nerding out more about it!
  2. Commit to what makes your fulfilled: Creating meaning by DOING
  3. Create what's meaningful, and physical things.: Finding meaning through creating and making
  4. Community outreach for your interests, missions, and purpose: Creating meaning through relationships
  5. Congruence in action: Measuring what’s meaningful to feel progress

Each of these topics will help us explore meaning and how to generate more of it in our lives.

So set an intention  to create meaning, every day. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll cover the areas many people use to generate purpose and meaning in their lives.

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