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The Holiday Balancing Act Begins!

Nov 28, 2021

Most introverts want more energy, and that means small groups, quiet environments, and close people.

The holidays should be fun, not stressful. We shouldn't expect to kill ourselves, pretending to be extraverted. It's OK to focus on the small gatherings that fire you up during the holidays! Some of the most successful people are masters at maintaining their energy with their "energy style." 

If we don't match our introverted or extroverted way to our schedule, we feel more stressed, anxious, and irritable.

Feeling anxious and stressed is the opposite of what the holidays are about, so it's crucial we figure this out!

What are some things you can do in the next month to match your introverted or extroverted energy needs to your holiday schedule? 

As an introvert, December can be a personal hell. Travel, big social gatherings, dark days, and surplus food can hit my energy pretty hard.

For me, low energy means more stress and less excitement for the important things - seeing family, friends, and rejuvenation for the holidays.

Since becoming a coach, I've figured out how to balance the needs of people with my need to recharge.

The biggest helpers for me have been to schedule quiet times and keep to small group interactions. It allows me to connect and enjoy this time of year and reduce the stress of meeting people's expectations etc.

  1. Schedule something every day to match your "energy style."
  2. Up your exercise this month
  3. Be OK Taking Care of yourself
  4. Holiday rituals
  5. Keep gatherings at the "right" size

Using these five ideas and beliefs keeps me sane during December. What are your top five ideas that help you manage this time of year?


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