The Big Enemy of Projects...

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2019

What makes projects more complicated, more costly, more emotionally frustrating, and/or less successful?  

I bring this up because a big personal project is coming up: my wedding.

Nobody ever told me the planning part would be a big test to the relationship. It turns out the things that make or break projects are the same for relationships.

It's all about communication because projects are all about relationships.

Fortunate for Ashley and myself, we did a ton of work on how we communicate before we took on our "big noble project."

Have you ever been on a project where everyone is conflict-avoidant, so nobody can have the tough conversations needed to keep the project on track?

 Or maybe have you ever been on a project that took more time, resources, and commitment then you originally planned? You maybe forget why you are doing the project because you feel frustrated it keeps slogging on. 

I know I have, and thankfully learned some (read many) big lessons from my professional projects.

Communication is what will keep you on track or derail the whole thing. I'm thankful I learned from my work projects and not my personal projects. (Don't worry, I am excited and confident the wedding will be great!)

So what helps communication in relationships and projects? Here is what I keep in mind.

  • Assume positive intent.
  • Understand the people involved.
  • Prioritize human interaction over text communication.
  • Know the goal.
  • Confront conflict and repair quickly.

Check the video for some examples on each of these points. I know these might seem common sense, yet I am sure someone at your work who doesn't follow these guidelines comes to mind.


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