Productivity and Confidence

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

Our confidence is linked to our productivity.

When we are taking active action toward our goals, dreams, we feel confident things will change for us.  

Productivity can me many things.  It could be learning how to code or practice law even better. It can be setting the proper strategy and vision for the team, so everyone is on the same page.  Or it could be finding our next best job or career.  In each situation, we need to focus on things that will create the transformation, and stop things that get us off track.

Focus on the main thing, decrease distraction.

If you are looking to be more productive in an area of your life, here are five ideas to help you focus more and get distracted less.

  1. Create a focus practice - With our attention spans shortening, do an activity each day where you focus for an hour.  Just like a muscle, your focus needs to be practiced.
  2. Block-time -  Set aside blocks of 50 minutes to focus on a task, then take a 10 min break.
  3. Power Hour Planning Session -  The first hour of your day, plan how you want the day to go.  Send only emails you need to send out, and read only emails you are expecting a response for on one of your projects. 
  4. Structure your "distraction" times -  If social media or other distractions take up more time than you want, scheduling when you will do the distractions with a time limit can help keep you from getting far off track
  5. Quick Action Assessment -  When you are looking at a new task, ask yourself "How necessary is this for me to complete?" and "Do I have regular times on the calendar to move this forward?"  If you are not high in necessity with time on the calendar, then either find more necessity or de-prioritize the task.  

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