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Clearing The Way For Next Year On New Years Day

Dec 31, 2020

We did it! We made it through 2020!

If we could describe this past year, the words "dumpster-fire," "Murphy's law for a whole year," "not awesome," and many more come to mind.
It's been a tough 365 days, for all the reasons I don't need to say because we all know.

This year my wife and I didn't make it back to Chicagoland, where I grew up. I think this is the first time in 20 years I've not made it back to see my family and friends, so it's kind of weird not to see everyone.

BUT, I did get to spend some quality time with Ashley for our first holiday season at home. A whole month of Christmas music, decorations, and cooking without travel... if there was a silver lining, it's not traveling during the holidays.
Speaking of silver lining, later today, we are getting together with some folks in our pod (outside and physically distanced) to do a much-needed ritual of letting go.

So how are you letting go of 2020, and setting yourself up for a prolific and amazing 2021?  We are going to have a ritual to clear the baggage for the year.

We are going to use a fire pit to burn the things we don't want to carry with us into 2021.

How?  Well, you see, we are going to write down the things that wore us down, that kept us from moving forward, that kept us from our most awesome-selves, and symbolically burn them with the end of this year. With group catharsis in mind.

It's a chance to process everything that's happened this year. And because we are trying to sort out the less ideal or unwanted feelings or events that occurred this year, we will also have to reflect on what worked this year. What we intentionally want to bring forward.

I'm excited about this event. So my question to you is, "what are you and your family going to do to clear the way for next year?"

I know there are things we won't be able to let go. The pain of losing folks. The uncertainty of losing jobs and financial security. But we can let go of the insecurity and helplessness that sometimes comes along with those things. And we can be much more powerful, mighty, and resilient because of what's happened.

You are mighty, powerful, and resilient my friend.  Clear out the baggage from this year, and start with a clean slate tomorrow.  I'm cheering you on!

Happy New Year!



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