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Introverted? Burnt Out? Both?

Sep 05, 2021
Burnout and introversion has many similarities to outside observation.
So many folks have been stressed out for long periods of time this past year. and both ideas can seem like folks withdrawing from the world.  Burnout is fatigue and lack of seeing what's ahead, and can impact health and relationships.  Introversion is managing energy spent in social situations. 
What happens if you self-diagnose wrong?  If you are burnt out, you will spend effort on things that will not pull you out of burnout.  If you are introverted, you might push yourself to do things that drain your energy.
"I think my more introverted side is showing..." My wife is an ambivert, and this past year was struggled with stress and uncertainty working as an elementary school counselor.  After the stress of covid, flexibly adapting her role at school as needed, and poor management, she is hella burnt out.  It's been tough as her partner to see her stress levels high, with feeling like she didn't have control over her life.  At the end of the last school year, she decided she need a change and started thinking about her future.  She found a new gig at another school, and joined a private prated.  More importantly, she started dreaming of her future.  Now, I know she's going to thrive being around more folks than just me because that's where she get her energy.

Are you are an introvert, ambivert, or extravert?

What's your favorite way to recharge?  Do they all require people, or not? 
If you don't see people for a long while, are you happy or do you get restless?


 Are burnt out or not?

 In the last 30 days, how's your mood been in general?  If you said stressed, hopeless, overwhelmed, or miserable, you are probably burned out.

In the last 30 days, how often have you worked out?
In the last 30 days, would your family and friends say you've been cool to talk to?
In the last 30 days,  how excited for your future have you been?
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