5 Ways to Turn Fear into Inspiration

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2019

It's tough out there, and the struggle is real.  And there you are, doing the work, making progress, facing setbacks, and enduring.  That's why you inspire me!

As a high performance coach, I'm often asked "I want to make a career change, what do I do?".  A high performer knows a few things:  

  • We sometimes need to look for new ideas and perspectives to progress
  • There is never a magic bullet or "one true answer" on how to move forward
  • Play the long game to succeed

So how does this translate into change?  Well, it comes down to understanding fear and it's opposite, inspiration!

  • Fear is feeling worry something bad, painful, or unpleasant will happen.
  • Inspiration is feeling something good, positive, or pleasurable will happen.

Maybe you are afraid of changing jobs.  Or moving to a new place.  Maybe you have been putting off asking out that cute person at the coffee shop you get along with so well.  Maybe you're afraid that getting in shape will prevent you from hanging out with your friends, or prevent you from the foods you love.

If you are experience fear, it's on you to change to get inspired!  Here are five ideas to help move you into inspiration, in a sane way.  

  1. Imagine the positive future when you win
  2. Imagine the negative future if you don't change
  3. Imagine overcoming what will go wrong
  4. Imagine the social credibility from your family, friends, and peers
  5. Study others who have done the same thing

If you were more inspired to make your big change, how would you act differently? Would you love your life even more?  Follow your heart, do what is right for you my friend.

 I'm cheering you on, and getting inspired that you are moving forward towards your dream!

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