How To Prevent Burn Out 

Sep 13, 2020

Have you ever felt consistently exhausted because of everything you do?  The job that you love starts to become something you dread because you never can catch up or catch a break?  Or you are so busy your relationships and health become neglected? 

These are classic signs of burnout.  

So what causes burnout?

Sometimes it’s feeling like you don’t control your environment enough.  You have been stuck on the years long doom-project that never seems to shape up no matter how much work you put in.  What you do doesn’t seem to matter.

Sometimes it’s feeling like you’re not progressing in your career or on your goals.  You’re not feeling the improvements you are making, enough.  Progress could be promotions, feeling more skilled, or social recognition.

In many cases, burnout is caused by being out of balance in your life.  When we don’t take care of out bodies, invest in our relationships, or take time to feel our progress, that’s when the existential despair sets in.

So what do you duo when you feel burned out?

Go for a 30 min walk outside.  Set up contact with a good friend.  Start to engage in your personal growth more.

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