How to Keep Persistent in the Face of Challenge

high performance weekly Jun 03, 2018

Have you ever struggled with not getting results despite how much work you have been doing?  Long hours, no promotion.  Diet and exercise, no weight loss.  Awesome relationship, no passion.  You get the point.  

It is inevitable we will come upon challenge while going after our dreams.  For me, I have been working on building my coaching practice, putting in tons of work, and sometimes feel like I am not making any progress.  

Have you ever felt this way, too?

What can you do to make sure you are progressing, or "moving the football forward"?

Here is how I think through sticking through it:

  1. Keep consistence or discipline - If you show up and do the work, eventually you will make progress.
  2. Honor the struggle - if you know struggle is part of the process and life, you can move past it quicker and not get caught up on it
  3. Remember the worthy outcome - If you believe sticking through the challenges will lead to good things for you, you family and those around you, then you are more likely to see it through.
  4. Remember you have Agency, or control - When you are persistent, you have more control over your environment.  You also always have a choice, and reminding yourself can help keep you motivated.

Keeping these things in mind can help you succeed over the long term.  How would your life change if you were more persistent in your career, workouts, or relationships?



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