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How To Handle Your Inner Ogre

Oct 24, 2021

We all have an inner ogre - a grumpy rage monster that lives inside us. Most people can keep in check, most of the time. But, sometimes, we let the ogre loose or let the ogre rule how we behave and interact with the world, and that's not amazing.

It's the times you walk into the bathroom, you notice the cap of the toothpaste is missing, and you feel the anger well up through you. It's the times when you feel slighted in a business meeting and feel like shouting angrily at your coworker.

So have you ever felt like you got angry for no reason or that your anger was not proportional to something that wasn't a big deal?

It happens. Understanding why you feel angry sometimes and channeling anger properly is vital to being a fully functioning human.

So why do we feel angry?

  1. Survival - we used anger to protect ourselves from dangers like wild animals, expulsion from the group, and other threats to our person and our people
  2. Control and fear - we feel angry when we feel helpless to change a situation
  3. Modeled Behavior - We can feel angry or use anger as a tool for everything when we see others role-model its use
  4. Exhaustion - we can be more irritable when we don't sleep enough or have low energy

How can we manage our anger or inner ogre? 

  1. Take care of your MEDS - Meditation, exercise, diet, sleep
  2. See best intentions - Setting intentions for ourselves and expecting the best from others keeps us out of the "this person is a social threat" zone
  3. Acknowledge our inner ogre - Understanding anger is a part of being human, and what causes anger can help us change our perspectives 
  4. Process - Do you want to feel angry because of the situation, why did it trigger you, what do you need to communicate to prevent or mitigate the anger later?
  5. Act - anger can be a call to action or change. Clearly communicating what we need can help prevent being triggered later

We need to celebrate more the folks who manage their anger. It shows maturity, can fuel your forward progress, and help you treat people more kindly.


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