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How to Handle Technical Mishaps with More Grace

Jun 21, 2020

Why isn't anything coming out of the coffee grinder?  In the morning.  Before any caffeine.  

A simple question and one I never wish on my enemies.  Hi, I'm Shawn, and I'm a coffee addict.  It's not THAT serious, but it's the starting my day off in a way that could easily set the tone for the whole day.

More things do continue to slow me down technology-wise.  After the ever-trusty coffee grinder gives me guff, the programs I use to record these blogs decided to pile on.  I'm behind schedule, and I'm starting to get frustrated.

Ever feel like the technology god's frown upon you on some days?

Me too.  There is some good news, though.  You don't need to let these types of hurdles slow you down.  From my day's working in software, there's a quick three-step process you can use to handle these kinds of days with more grace so that you can get back to being productive.

Check out the video to find out the three steps to help keep you from being frustrated for long!


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