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How to Handle Doubt...

May 24, 2020

"You can't do that.  You'll fail, people will make fun of you, you are not ready."

We've all heard a voice like this in our head at one point or another.  Some take this voice as an opportunity to push and prove it wrong.  They get into action, striving, working, struggling forward so they can determine how strong they are.

Others heed it mightly and play small their whole life.  They let the voice guide them into settling for ok relationships, the comfortable career, the less difficult path that doesn't push them, the life that "just happened" to them.  They settle for a quality of life that matches their confidence.

Some of the most exciting and authentic times in my life happened when I felt doubtful I could succeed, or when the future was uncertain. 

Each time when I created the confidence to move ahead, my life changed in a significant and positive way.  I left a stable corporate gig to start my own business, learning a ton about myself along the way, and increasing my quality of life by providing more control over my day-to-day work.  I felt more fulfilled, happy about my life, and renewed my confidence I could tackle the challenges life threw at me.

In this week's Start Your Week With A Coach, we talk about how to diagnose when you might be feeling doubt, how to handle fear, creating the support you need to charge ahead, and how to set better expectations for the future.  When you have these four ideas working for you, you'll feel momentum towards building the life you want.  


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