How To Get Back On Track When You've Lost Your Motivation

ask a coach on instagram coaching Nov 22, 2020
This week's video is from the Friday live show, "Ask A Coach A Question on Instagram."
People submit their questions earlier, with a theme around mindset.
If you'd like some help or coaching on IG, go to to submit your question and qualify for free 5 - 10 minutes of coaching LIVE on Instagram every Friday at 10am PST.
This week's questions were:
  • I lost my job due to COVID this year, and have been struggling. How can I get back on track when I feel tons of self doubt and lack of motivation?
  • I'm a people person and want to be around more people. Everyone talks behind my back, so how can I trust anyone when they are just going to talk behind my back?

If you've ever struggled with feeling motivated after a setback, or with feeling connected to people, then you'll not want to miss this weeks video!

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