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How to Better Manage Your Most Valuable Resource!

Apr 17, 2016


Many people neglect their #1 resource, even if it is constantly being drained, distracted, or manipulated by others.  What your number one resource?

It's your attention.

Why is your attention important?  Well, attention or awareness impacts your behaviors.  If you are aware of what you are doing, you can change.  If you are unaware, others can unconsciously influence you.

For example, say if you want to lose some weight.  To effectively lose weight, you need to pay attention each day to what you weigh, what you eat, and how you exercise.  Most people fail to get into better shape because they lose awareness of one of these three areas of focus.

So how do we lose attention?

We lose attention for these four reasons:

  • We do not have enough energy
  • We do not focus on the right things
  • We lose ourselves in distraction
  • We lose our momentum

If you are not progressing as far in your life as you want, I'll bet one of these attention robbers got you!

So what to we do to protect our attention and focus?

It starts with intent.  We need to commit to protecting and building our attention and focus.  How can we do that?  Here are the 4 ideas from high performance studies.

  • Increase your energy and focus by getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night  and Drink 3-6 liters of water each day
  • Think through what is important to track on your big goals
  • Block time to focus on the work, and eliminate or plan distractions
  • Build a daily or weekly habit to get things done

That's all!  Manage your energy better, know what to focus on, block time and block time each day or week.  All the progress you want lays in this four step process.

A Tips and Tricks to Really Build Your Attention.

  • Focus on one big project or task at a time
  • Plan for missteps, hiccups, and the unexpected
  • Consistency is the key to win
  • Believe you can improve your focus


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