How GIGO can help or hurt your results

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2018

Garbage In = Garbage Out, or GIGO.  With so many of my clients and students, it comes down to getting better inputs in their lives so that they can have better outcomes. 

The idea is from systems theory, and can be thought about like this.  You have five buckets in a row.  You will fill the first bucket with water, and when that bucket is filled you will take that bucket and pour it into the next one.  At the end, you pour out the water.

If you start with dirty, unclear water, the chances you will end up with dirty water are high.  If you start with clean water, it's much easier to have clean water at the end.

As a coach and trainer, it's my job to help make sure we start with clean water and keep it clean throughout the process so that you can change your life.  

The common way to make a change goes through five steps:

  1. Mindset - Have a positive, open psychology that provides confidence, joy, and engagement in what you do.
  2. Plan - Know the big steps to move your goal, project, or dream going forward, and plans to overcome expected obstacles from moving forward.
  3. Action - A good plan makes action much easier, and knowing what to do before hand keeps you from spinning in analysis.
  4. Resilience - If you can handle the challenges you expect, then you can handle the unexpected much better.
  5. Support - When you can be resilient, you can communicate. your dream or goal and get others on board to help support you.

Each of these ideas builds on the "bucket" before, and increases your chance to succeed!


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