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Four Ideas on How to Handle Huge Life Changes.

May 08, 2016

Have you ever struggled with making a big life choice, follow a dream, or lead with your heart?  Or have you struggled with change in your life?

In 2012 I was feeling restless.  Comfortable, but restless.  I had a decent job, though did not feel very inspired by it.  I lived in a beautiful part of the country, though the town was small and I felt out of place. 

Things were good, and not amazing.

I had been studying personal development, and attended a seminar.  During that seminar I was asked the question, “Are you living your truth?”.  I nearly fell out of my chair, because I didn't like my answer to that question.  I had always wanted to start a business that helped people, and instead I was playing it safe in a corporate job where I did not immediately see the impact of my work.

I immediately decided to pursue a business helping people with their student debt.  So, in the parking lot of the hotel where the seminar was, I called my mom to tell her the new.  And her response, “THANK GOD!  You really do not seem happy in Arkansas, and I am so proud you are going to do something about it finally”.  Thanks mom!  

So I packed up, moved, and started that business helping others.  Things didn't work out exactly how I had hoped, though better than I could even have imagined!

As a coach, I help people get clear on what they want out of life, and help them deal with change.  Whether it’s a change at work like a new boss or career, or more personal like a potential move across the country, there are a few strategies to help manage big life changes.

Here are four ideas on how to handle change:

  • Think about the positive outcomes in the future
  • Think about why you want the change (running to or running away from things)
  • Believe you can handle anything that comes your way, because you can.
  • Think about what needs to happen for you to be ok with this new jump.

Two tips and tricks for handling change:

  • Do not get caught up in the idea of making a big change without thinking it through.
  • Do start taking action towards your new change.  It could be research, or setting up your new business while you are still at your old job.

Right now, if you have been putting off a change in your life, please try this:

 Start something that matters, even if it is something small!  

Imagine how your life would change for the better, imagine yourself a year from now looking back and being excited for everything that has happened since your decided to finally make that change!


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